[sdiy] Christmas Projects

David Kaiser dkaiser at cdk.com
Mon Dec 17 09:25:11 CET 2012

My Christmas project is something I bought a few months back.  I picked
up a Korg MS-50, and it mostly functions, but needs a little work, the
Voltage Supply pot needs replacing, and the VCF and VCA both work, but
with lots of distortion and buzzing noise. I think there are overall
power supply issues, but it could be localized to the VCF and VCA.

Regardless, with so many knobs and jacks... I'm guessing it will take
most of the holiday just to get the thing dismantled to where I can
replace the pot, especially at the speed I work.  Since the case on this
thing is probably "factory sealed", I may end up doing some significant
cleaning and some calibration while it's open... (35 years with that
many unclosed 1/4" jacks and I'm sure there's a healthy heap of dead
bugs, gummy residue and whatever inside there.)

I've also just started putting together my first modular system, and the
case and power supply are due to arrive this week, so that will probably
get done as well :)


On 12/15/2012 05:05 PM, Jim Patchell wrote:
> So, what are you guys doing for a Christmas Project?
> -Jim

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