[sdiy] Christmas Projects

Adrian Corston eidorian at aladan.net
Mon Dec 17 02:59:19 CET 2012

On 17/12/12 10:43 AM, Dave Brown wrote:
> I'm trying to restore up a 1984 Wersimatic CX-2 Digital Drum machine.
> Someone else had worked on this previously and replaced bad parts with wrong
> parts and then tried to modify the circuit to make them work!  Interconnect
> cables and connectors have melted so obviously the current limit didn't do
> much.   I've now got the power supply up and running and powered on all the
> logic.  No shorts and the 7 segment display changes!  Everything's in German
> and there is no interconnect diagram.  It is a plug-in card cage so I can't
> access any boards and it appears there were many different options and
> configurations with differing plug-ins.  Should be loads of fun.
> http://m.matrixsynth.com/2011/11/wersi-wersimatic-cx2-digital-1984.html

No schematics, incorrect parts, melted cables and connectors, 
inaccessible boards in a relatively obscure 27-year old device with 
instructions in a different language.  Heck, why not try repairing 
something complicated and difficult next time? :-)


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