[sdiy] Emulator II: "Sample In" doesn't sample...

Gil W. gil_we at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 8 15:21:03 CET 2012

I have my beloved E-II here, which has been into a few fixes -
I recapped the power supply and the main boards,
fixed the Midi In jack, installed a new backlight. It sounds awesome ! But since the day I got it, I haven't managed to sample... For example, if I push the "Sample" button and then choose 7 on the keypad (Arm Sampling), having a guitar connected to the Sample In jack, it won't respond while playing.

I adjusted the threshold to minimum and tried gain of 0db to 40db, nothing works...

I wonder if that's a physical issue or that something is not quite properly configured :/

I took the boards out today for further inspection... I cleaned the sockets of all ICs in the output board and reseat them. The input jack is fine, no cold solder joint... the Sampling Gain pot on the panel is fine and no loose connection to the main board.

Any advice would be appreciated !

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