[sdiy] Fixer-Up Keys + free bits for collection from Bristol

Tom Bugs admin at bugbrand.co.uk
Thu Dec 6 22:50:02 CET 2012

Posted on the MW forum with pics, I replicate here::

Ok, I don't feel proud about some of these bits but really need to clear 
some things out. I haven't massively tested these - really I want to 
shift them on without too much umming & ahing - thus, I hope they're 
priced TO SHIFT! Quite open to offers or trades, but they're all buyer 

For the two free items, I'll give priority to anyone buying one of the 
other two items. If there's no bites, but someone else wants and is 
happy to collect.. well, we'll work something out.

They've mainly been sat, waiting for progress - I don't have the time & 
feeling at the moment.

Logan String Melody II
Working to some extent but needs quite a lot of work - most keys 
working, though some not triggering all sounds (ie. clean all the 
contacts underneath) - pots & switches def. needing decent cleaning etc. 
This just isn't a project for me.
Heavy-assed machine - definitely collection only. Case is reasonable. 
The metal has weird rust blotch but isn't massively untidy (in my opinion)
Think those are the main points - ask if in doubt.
Do you reckon £150 is too much in this condition?

Gem Gemini Portable organ.
Nice vintage organ with silver screw-on legs (not pictured) and built in 
speaker. Vibrato! One voice doesn't appear to work, perhaps the switch 
is dirty. There's also some background hum on the speaker - pretty sure 
the output hums bad too. Nice sounds though and some people love the 
look of these (they are damn cool!)
I reckon £40 on this - again, a fixer-upper..

Another leggy organ (lid not shown, nor legs) - but this one has def. 
seen better days (shame on me..). Voices are a bit screwed. The case is 
a bit screwed (left side semi-detached. The Spring reverb never worked. 
The power switch doesn't stay in. It does make some sound, but really 
no-where near how it should behave. Thus it is a big project and I don't 
want to chuck it out whilly-nilly. So this is free to a good home. 
They're somewhat cult (Bristol band Crescent used a similar one for example)

Akai Tape Deck 4000DS
I got this off ebay - I can't remember the exact problem and I would 
have tried to fix it but some idiot glued the knobs on thus making 
repairs nigh on impossible. It has sat unloved for half a year and must 
go, but not to landfill! Take it for 

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