[sdiy] ALPS RK09K 9mm "knob shaft" pots // Song-Huei alternative

Tom Bugs admin at bugbrand.co.uk
Mon Aug 27 11:32:36 CEST 2012

Yes, yes - Song-Huei have proved very good - decent quality and price, 
great service (ask for Sandy and say I sent you)

I tried the SH R0904N [-B100K, L-20KQ is a typical type] as alternative 
to the quite expensive Alpha 9mm snap pots from Mouser and have been 
very happy with them.
Price on these (MOQ 1000) is $0.13 !! ie. a fraction of the price of the 
Alphas via Mouser. Of course, price is nothing without quality - suffice 
to say that quality has appeared to be top-notch.
I paint the slots myself (quick dab of paint on a piece of wire, then 
wipe of excess with my finger - not as pro as Robin's method...! but 
much quicker)

For my standard metal panel pots (vertical PCB mount) with spline shaft 
I now use their R1212N (or R1214G) - 
- note that these are available with optional upgrade LongLife element 
for just a few cents more per pot.
Typical option for me: R1212N - B100K, L-15KC / M / 100k LL @ $0.27 each 
- again, MOQ1000 - 100k LL at the end means the LongLife 100,000 
Rotational Life

Best, Tom

On 27/08/2012 06:29, Robin Whittle wrote:
> Tom Bugs pointed me to a Tiawanese equivalent of the ALPS RK09K "knob
> type" snap-in pots.  He uses them on some of his instruments, including
> the BoardWeevil:
>    http://www.bugbrand.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=110
> There are single versions (R0903N and R0904N for vertical mount, without
> or with "colour" - I am not sure what this means) and dual versions
> (R0903G and R0904G):
>    http://www.song-huei.com.tw/product.php?mode=list&cid=79
> They also make horizontal versions and have D shape and other shaft options.
> I meant to ask for a quote on single units but accidentally asked for a
> quote on a R0903G-B10K,L-20KT, which is a dual 10 linear with 20mm knob
> shaft, without painted slot.  The price was USD$0.40 with a minimum
> order quantity (MOQ) of 1000.  They could paint the slot white, but this
> involved an MOQ of 2000.
> Song Huei also make 9mm metal shaft pots with spline shafts, which would
> suit the Re-an P570 knobs Andre Majorel pointed me to (see "Re: [sdiy]
> Inexpensive Rolandesque spline knobs from Thailand, 2012-08-07).  ALPS
> don't make spline shaft pots of this type - as far as I know, only
> Tiawan Alpha and BI Technologies do.
>   - Robin
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