[sdiy] Scan of Yamaha KX5 service docs?

Ullrich Peter Peter.Ullrich at kapsch.net
Wed Aug 15 23:03:15 CEST 2012

Hi !

Google found for me that the schematics can be loaded here:

But you have to register before (no costs involved).

You can then load the schematics but in bad quality - but better than having nothing...

I will send you the schematics per private email in the next minutes.


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Betreff: [sdiy] Scan of Yamaha KX5 service docs?

Hi there - the title says it all. I pulled my ol' KX5 keytar out of the closet, put fresh batteries in, and fired it up, but after an initial burst of MIDI data (with the current status of each controller) it doesn't send anything else. If anybody could point me toward the service docs for this I'd sure appreciate it - my Google-fu is failing me.


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