[sdiy] Eagle library recommendations for pcb mounted pots/jacks

Matthew Smith matt at smiffytech.com
Sat Aug 4 00:23:07 CEST 2012

Quoth Travis Thatcher at 03/08/12 21:28...
> ...  Can anyone reccomend libraries out there
> that have these footprints or is everyone  just making custom items?

You could always try asking your vendor.

The other day, when faced with creating a footprint (more to the point, 
naming all the pins) for a 144-pin Freescale microcontroller, I got onto 
my contact at Element14 (Newark to you) and had the appropriate library 
mailed back a few hours later.

I should probably point out that Element14 actually links to Eagle parts 
(delivered as an SCR, to run against your own library) for some of their 
range and I am advised by a contact that Freescale intends, in the 
fullness of time, to make libraries available thus, so I was going into 
it with some hope of success.

If not your vendor, you could always ask the manufacturer. And, if you 
turn up a blank, you can always do it the "fun" way.

Note that I have been known to modify vendor-provided parts. I have 
found that some larger QFPs can be modified (extend the pads) to make 
them more friendly for hand-soldering.

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