[sdiy] Steep bandpass filters / SVF leakage?

Karl Ekdahl elektrodwarf at yahoo.se
Tue Aug 21 06:14:56 CEST 2012

Hi list, so i'm in need of a steep bandpass filter with high q capability. I was toying around with a regular SVF (despite it being only 2-pole) and i'm not sure if i did something incorrect in my circuit but the bandpass output seems to leak in a lot of frequencies that it shouldn't - is this normal? (i seem to recall this not being that unusual). That's a no-go for me if it's expected.

Anyway what i'd prefer is a 4-pole, or even 8-pole filter that does *not* have to be CV-controlled - any common topologies around? My google skills are failing.. mostly i can only find SVFs..



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