[sdiy] Somewhat OT - looking for a solution for storage on a Roland DJ70 MK II

Gordon JC Pearce gordonjcp at gjcp.net
Thu Jun 30 23:12:59 CEST 2011

On Thu, 30 Jun 2011 11:30:04 -0400
Travis Thatcher <recompas at gmail.com> wrote:

> really like to install a modern card reader.  Something like an
> external scsi - sd or cf would be great but there's not much info
> online. I found one company that makes them, but they want $1200 for a
> unit. 

CF to IDE adaptor, plugged into a SCSI-to-IDE bridge.  I actually use a SCSI-to-IDE bridge with a 2GB flash drive which is about the size of three IDE connectors stacked in my Ensoniq EPS.  It works as well as can be expected, given the legendary flakyness of old SCSI samplers.

It works pretty well in my ESI4000 too.  I don't have a SCSI chip for my W30 otherwise I'd try it there.

Gordon MM0YEQ

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