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There are 3 kinds of engineers: the ones who have some skill and go to college 
to increase that skill, those who have skill and skip the degree path (yours 
truly), and those who have no skill at all and go to college to get some. I have 
worked with all three, and it's the last one that scares me. These folks never 
really gain a true understanding of the way things work. They just recite the 
mantras they learned in class, and rest on the legitimacy their degree buys 

And don't forget: the guy who finished last in his class still got a degree.

And then there's good ol' bias. Some folk latch on to an idea or opinion, wrap 
it with that arrogance they seem to soak up while exposed to academia, and will 
not budge from their position no matter how hard you hit them in the head. I 
once did battle with a Cal Tech grad who didn't get the concept of forced air 
cooling. He thought you could suck air out of a rack and somehow generate air 
flow throughout the rack. No amount of logic or reasoning would sway this guy. I 
even reversed the fans so they blew air into the rack, thus causing the needed 
air flow and solving the cooling issue. Wouldn't you know it, he was thrilled 
until he found out about the fans. He dutifully put the fans back to the 
"correct" orientation and resumed his work to solve the cooling problem. He 
"knew" the fans were correct and the problem must therefore be somewhere else.

You see, I was just a non-degreed tech at the time. Never mind that I kept 
finding and solving design issues with his product.

Bottom line: it takes all kinds. I've been wrong enough times and have been 
humbled by circuits enough times to know that mine is just one opinion, and it 
may very well be wrong.


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Sadly, the converse is true... there are many ENGINEERS who are just
not good circuit designers...

I have an axiom that I live by... other "engineers" are either total IDIOTS,
or they are so far beyond me I cannot even conceive of just how clever they

In most cases, good designing or engineering come down to the same thing,
achieve the desired end result at the most cost-effective point.

H^) harry  (who likes both Jim and Bob...)

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True story:

In WWII, the Germans recruited a UK-born child (of German-born parents) to 
be a spy. His cover story was he was born in Iowa on a farm. He had a 
perfect midwest accent, he memorized all the baseball stats (which was a 
popular way to 'ferrett out' spys, as every USA soldier could reel off 
baseball stats). He went undetected for many years.

However, he was caught when he asked a motor pool grunt to "please put some 
petrol in the Jeep".

There are MANY good circuit designers that are not formally trained (re the 
late Jim Williams of LT). But, there are MANY people who want to be 
*engineers* (NOT the same thing) and try to pass themselves off as such. And 
they ALWAYS make the most tiny of slip-ups to indicate to the EEs that they 
are 'playing at it'.

This is another such case.

Paul S.

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> On Jun 22, 2011, at 9:11 PM, Paul Schreiber wrote:
>> From "article" (cough):
>> "THD below 1 kHz is definitely non-zero with the 600R load."
>> This person has outed themself as a TOTAL IDIOT and hence, everything he 
>> says is best avoided.
> Huh...
> Have you seen his "Small Signal Audio Design" book? Most of it doesn't 
> sound too idiotic... but if it is idiotic, the internets need to be 
> warned. ;)
> - Aaron
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