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>From "article" (cough):

"THD below 1 kHz is definitely non-zero with the 600R load."

This person has outed themself as a TOTAL IDIOT and hence, everything he 
says is best avoided.

Paul S.

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> Wow, he totally trashes the OP275:
> http://web.archive.org/web/20061215114234/http://www.dself.dsl.pipex.com/ampins/webbop/op275.htm
> "The Analog Devices OP275 is one of the few opamps specifically marketed 
> as an audio device. Its most interesting characteristic is the Butler 
> input stage; this combines bipolar and JFET devices. The idea is that the 
> bipolars give accuracy and low noise, while the JFETs give speed and "the 
> sound quality of JFETs". This final phrase is not a happy thing to see on 
> a datasheet from a major manufacturer; the sound of JFETs (if any) would 
> be the sound of high distortion. Let us however ignore this and see if the 
> device actually works well. The datasheet includes a dissertation on 
> "sound quality" which is not worth the ink expended in its last full stop. 
> Expensive, and nothing special. Probably best avoided."
> - Aaron
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