[sdiy] Bob Pease killed in car crash

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First, I know I'm weird in that I am only one of 2 or 3 in my group of 50 or
so that gets EDN and the like.
It is amazing how little mail the people at work now receive.  I suspect
that younger engineers did not make conscious decisions not to get EDN -
they don't even know it exists.  How would they know??
Second, I just disagree.  I think Bob was weird.  Just like me.  Just like
others that I work with.  Like many of us on this list.  He wrote what he
wanted.  It usually was more interesting reading than the rest of the
magazine.  Weirdness is better and more interesting than sameness.  You just
have to learn tolerance and adjustment - and have confidence in yourself and
what you can and will do.


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I think the reason that Bob Pease went on about so many "irrelevant" issues,
was that the way we deal with non-engineering problems is often very
relevant indeed to behaviour in the lab. Particularly in a company
environment, where personality issues can impinge severely on productivity.
In fact, whenever one reads personal details of the greats - in applied or
pure science - it is striking how 'life' and 'work' mesh.

paul perry Melbourne Australia

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From: "Barry Klein"
> I was always pissed a bit reading his
> columns when instead of writing about analog stuff he was writing 
> about something completely unrelated.  There is so little written 
> about analog stuff that I don't think he understood how let down I 
> felt when he didn't stick to it....

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