[sdiy] SH-101 power supply

bill bigrig billbigrig at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 21 03:06:39 CEST 2011

To all,

 Yes, the potted DC/DC converter sounds good. I believe the SH-101 wants to see +14vdc, +4.5 vdc, -5vdc, +15vdc, +5vdc. All with a 9vdc input, used in some connections, (except the +4.5 for memory which is normally supplied by half the batteries, but must be available in their absence). Please correct me if i'm wrong, I'm going from the service notes and all the voltages that are listed under/over the little ovals showing the jumper cable connections.
One little transformer. Oh how I wish Radio shack had them. After all the surplus 9v Commodore computer wall warts for $4.95, (a full 1 amp!), and the SN76?95, (little brother to the SN76477 sound effects chip), and 5 pin DIN cables. Those were the days. And I stocked up plenty while it lasted. Still buy the 273-064a peizos, great little contact mic, amazing for fiddle, mandolin, etc.

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