[sdiy] SH-101 power supply

Colin f colin at colinfraser.com
Mon Jun 20 22:58:13 CEST 2011

>  The coil has one winding that appears to have melted through 
> the outer wrapping. I cannot trust it. Also I need to check 
> the output of TR-1 & 2. They must be some sort of osc. for 
> the coil to use for step up viltage. After I get a coil, I'll 
> cut the 2 traces that lead out from the PSU and check the 
> transistors again. If hot, I'll know I've got a PSU problem. 
> If not, then on downstream we go. An infrared video machine 
> would be a big timesaver here. Anyway, still trying to source 
> that tiny transformer. Thanx.

You could save yourself a lot of trouble by transplanting in a potted DC-DC
convertor module...

Colin f

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