[sdiy] Bob Pease killed in car crash

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Mon Jun 20 19:42:55 CEST 2011

The only other guru I can think of is Walt Jung.

I hope the curse of three doesn't hold true in this case.

I still can't believe Bob died on the way home from
Jim Williams memorial service.


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>When Jim Williams died I felt we had lost a real treasure.  I had never met
>him or had any discussions with him but I do have one or two books of his
>and have printed out many of his datasheets.  I was always hoping to go to
>the Foothill College swap meet and meet him sometime - even though that is
>600 miles away.  I thought to myself about Bob immediately.  Like, the only
>guru left.  I had never met Bob either.  Had a few email discussions with
>him but they always seemed to leave me with a sense that we didn't mesh
>well.  We both probably came off as too different from each other to hit it
>off well.  (Maybe my fault not his)  I was always pissed a bit reading his
>columns when instead of writing about analog stuff he was writing about
>something completely unrelated.  There is so little written about analog
>stuff that I don't think he understood how let down I felt when he didn't
>stick to it....   Anyway, I had a weird feeling about Bob after Jim died -
>like something was going to happen.  Now this, this is just too weird.  I
>wonder if he had a position on wearing seat belts that he wrote about in a
>column or this book?   A 62 bug was my first car.  Even with a seatbelt you
>might not survive a tree collision at much speed.  A friend of mine back
>then had one of those VW squarebacks (I don't remember what it is called)
>and he wanted to destroy it.  (this is showing how weird I and my friends
>were, and what we would do for kicks) We had made cannons out of Xerox
>machine drive shafts that had nice threaded ends and machined out centers
>that a bb gun C02 cartridge would just fit in.  He shot those at the car -
>punching holes through it and shattering the windows.  (Benzoyl Peroxide as
>the explosive propellant)  Then he drove the thing along back road driving
>through warning signs and crap.  Then he intentionally drove it into a wall
>- several times.  Even at 5-10mph it was a nasty experience.  Anything
>higher and we would have gotten hurt.  He later set the thing on fire.
>(yeah, he was a bit demented)
>I start to talk to people here at work about these 2 guys and I find that
>no-one knows either one.  A big company like this and very knowledgeable
>engineers - but they don't know these guys.  Jeez, what planet am I on now?
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>But did you read on Bob's Wiki page that he wrote this book:
>How to Drive into Accidents - And How Not to (1998) Pease Pub ISBN
>978-0965564816 An idiosyncratic, entertaining, and insightful book on safe
>driving techniques, for novices and experienced drivers alike
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