[sdiy] FS: Populated Oakley VCO/VCF/LFO boards and more (UK)

Steven Thomas s.thomas at qmul.ac.uk
Thu Jun 16 19:48:52 CEST 2011

I am selling some populated Oakley Modular system boards and a few  
unbuilt pcb's. The populated board are taken from a non-standard  
format modular system I built about 10 years ago. I have kept enough  
modules from that system for a small Oakley based Modular for myself  
and these are left over. They all certainly worked before they were  
removed from the system several years ago but will likely need  

I havent included the pots as these were the green sealed plastic Omeg  
type which were getting a bit sticky (well known problem with these  
pots which is why Oakley stopped using/recommending them I think) so  
you are better off using new pots.

I have included for free a bag of 60x 1/4" Switchcraft 'clone' jack  
sockets (with washers/nuts). These are stereo jacks but can of course  
be used as mono jacks.

what's included:-

populated boards

4 x VCO mk1 iss. 1 (2000)
(no tempcos fitted)

2 x Superladder VCF iss1. (1999)
one is built as standard the other built with the optional TB303-like version

2 x Little LFO

1 x Envelope Follower and Gate Extractor iss. 1 (1999)

All IC's are socketed.

Bare PCB's

2 x Mixer iss1. (2000)

1x Equinoxe Phaser iss. 2

1x Power Distribution Board iss1 (2001)

pics here:-


I will include hard copies of the Oakley build notes.

Asking £260 for the lot which included UK postage.

Outside the UK ask me for a shipping quote.



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