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Oscar Salas osaiber at yahoo.es
Thu Jun 16 10:53:47 CEST 2011

Paul, I meant that the module's power input had Reverse Polarity Protection with rectifier diodes from rails to ground.

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> > If you reverse the polarity of a module or an
> accidental short occurs, the fuse blow up, >and all is
> save. End of the problem.
> End of the module, more likely! Because, the current that
> blows the fuse.. it's high because it is an excessive
> current running (the wrong way!) through your components. By
> the time the fuse blows, one or more components are almost
> sure to be destroyed.
> Good fusing is likely to save the power transformer, and
> (one hopes) limit the exceass current so that a fire is
> unlikely, but it isn't going to protect your chips, for
> example.
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> paul perry Melbourne Australia
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