[sdiy] Connector Quandary

James Coplin james at ticalun.net
Thu Jun 16 07:07:51 CEST 2011

I've hit another snag with my SEM project.  The original Molex connectors
on the SEM are junk.  They are flimsy, last for only a few insertions, and
pretty much snap off if you so much as look at them.  My thought was to
just pull them off and replace them with standard AMP or Molex headers.
However, while they are standard .156" spacing, they use much smaller pins
than the standard .156" headers.  I thought of opening the holes on the
PCB slightly to accommodate new connectors but upon examination of the
PCB, I'm not sure it would survive such an operation.  A scan of the
standard catalogs hasn't turned up anything of much help.  So...

Does anyone know of a .156" header (I need 3 and 4 pin varieties) that has
pins that are the size of the standard .1" headers?  Failing in this, I'm
going to have to solder my wire connections directly to the SEM which
makes it extremely difficult to service in the future as even the power
would need to be hard wired. So...

Other options?  Recommendations for a mid wire type connector so if I
needed to remove the SEM from the rack to repair it I could unhook it
without unsoldering a rat's nest of connections?

This project has become one road block after another in the midst of a
swamp.  Thanks as always - I'm sure the collective has some decent

James R. Coplin
Doctoral Candidate
University of Minnesota
Department of History

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