[sdiy] SSM2164 Obsolescence Update

Neil Johnson neil.johnson97 at ntlworld.com
Fri Jun 10 14:56:50 CEST 2011


Latest update in my conversation with ADI.

Miracles do happen!  Fingers-crossed the test wafers work out well.


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Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2011 04:49:26 -0400
Subject: SSM2164 Obsolescence Update (SR#: 1125382)

As part of a planned shutdown of ADI's West Coast fabs, a very long
term supply SSM2164 die inventory was built.  Periodically, the status
of this
inventory is tested against market demand.  For many years supply was
meeting demand in a predicted fashion.  In the past year demand of
this part has
increased dramatically to the point that we needed to declare the part
obsolete on a timeline that is shorter than ADI's usual practice.  We
for the trouble this causes and commit the resources of the DAU
product line to help you get through this pain.

Since the product discontinuation notice was issued, the DAU product
line has continued to look for a wafer process that would be capable
manufacturing the SSM2164 design.  We have identified an alternate
wafer processing capability and have initiated a pilot run of the
SSM2164 design.
The initial evaluation of the new wafer processing capability will be
used to determine the additional effort required to re-establish the
manufacturing capability for the SSM2164 and is planned to be
completed by September 1, 2011.  At that time, a determination will be
made to initiate
a PCN to notify customers of a change in wafer processing location, or
we will discontinue our efforts to re-establish a wafer process for
SSM2164.  Our current plan (if the wafer process is a success)
includes a revision to the pilot silicon and we would estimate
re-establish our
manufacturing capability for the SSM2164 by April 1, 2012.

An update of the SSM2164 evaluation will be forthcoming in September.

Best regards,
Igor Tomic
Analog Devices
Customer Interaction Center


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