[sdiy] ...that 1K resistor on the output

Harry Bissell harrybissell at wowway.com
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1) series

BTW, I use a much smaller resistor, 100 ohm typical, even 10 ohm if I really don't want any voltage drop.
I do NOT ever tie outputs together to mix them, I consider this a form of child abuse...

2) for AC coupling, I use a small series resistor on the output, then a series capacitor, then a 1Mohm to ground at
the output. This keeps the otuput at 0V and prevents (sometimes LARGE) pops when a cable is inserted...

H^) harry

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Last week I was asking about passive vs. buffered multiples.

A few of you mentioned that you put a 1K resistor on the output of all op amps (or all outputs...) - can I ask: Is that in series i.e. between the output of the op-amp and the actual output or from the output of the op-amp to ground i.e. load?

And secondly - for AC-coupled outputs are you running op-amp > resistor > capacitor > output or op-amp > capacitor > resistor > output?



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