[sdiy] POLL: Blue LEDs on music hardware?

David G. Dixon dixon at interchange.ubc.ca
Mon Jan 24 20:28:59 CET 2011

> --Choosing a low current/high brightness LED that will be very useable in
> the 1-3 mA range will eliminate any excessive current draw. It is still a
> good idea to provide a dedicated return line for the LED to eliminate any
> rail noise especially if the LED is blinking.

Yes, my buddy Danjel (Intellijel) is using these low-power LEDs in his Euro
versions of my modules.  I like to avoid such foolishness myself...  :)

But seriously, even at 3mA, if these little wonders are spread around with
impunity, it adds up pretty fast.  Five of them would eat up 1% of my power

I recently watched a fellow drive his 200e series Buchla in a live setting a
few weeks ago.  I personally found all the blinking lights (and especially
that ridiculous "barber pole" thingie) quite distracting, and I think he did
as well.  I've since heard that he's put it up for sale...

At this point, I have 8 LEDs on my entire modular, and I can't say I've
missed not having more.  I'm just in the process of building a rather unique
multichannel gate sequencer, however, and that thing is going to be lit up
like a runway...

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