[sdiy] POLL: Blue LEDs on music hardware?

Neil Johnson neil.johnson97 at ntlworld.com
Mon Jan 24 12:14:47 CET 2011


> I don't remember us ever doing a poll on SDIY before

I did one years ago on bananas vs jacks.  Results somewhere in the
archives I guess.

> and since I'm doing one from my Twitter account right now - I thought I'd see if anyone here wanted to join in:

Sorry, I don't twat.  So here's my email answer:

> Q: Blue LEDs on music hardware:

IMHO: good if they are appropriate, both in context of the synth panel
colour scheme, and in brightness.  Not sure where this fits in your
voting scheme!

For example, this is my revamped Siel Opera 6 front panel, with blue
LEDs in place of the original red ones:


Colour scheme works well.  Then I had to increase the current-limiting
resistor as these blue LEDs are so much brighter than the old reds.
Overall - much better, in my opinion!


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