[sdiy] [OT] SpeaknSpell/Arium LA's4sale

karl dalen dalenkarl at yahoo.se
Sun Jan 23 15:15:47 CET 2011

Barry Klein <barryklein at cox.net>:

> [POLITICAL COMMENT] Why don't governments just try to come
> up with ways to reduce shipping cost to increase small
> business opportunities?
> It is just getting too expensive to ship stuff.  The
> post offices here are said to soon close and end up
> in Targets and Walmarts.  That will suck.
> Barry

We have both state private run post , state closed almost every state
run'ed post office some years ago and handed these over to private
shop owners under state overlooking and pricing of shipping and it works.
I suppose it works because the state declares the shipping fees, and the overall handling and practices if this would have been done on a local
private base it would clearly havoc. So even the smallest countryside
outback bread and butter shop can have a small post office in their
pocket delivering packages to the usual woodland troll without much


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