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Matthew Smith matt at smiffytech.com
Sat Jan 22 06:47:55 CET 2011

Quoth Amos at 22/01/11 16:07...
> Er, two samples for the highest, four for the next lower, eight for
> the next... Doubling down to the fundamental. The highest harmonic
> represents the band-limit on your wave table.
> Or maybe not - I need to learn this stuff too!

Maybe a good time for me to ask the question then :-)

My original thought was stuff the maths, just over-engineer it!  Leaning 
towards 64 samples per cycle, although if I calculated up to the top of 
the audio range (say 20kHz) I'd be clocking at 1.28MHz, think the old 
rail of flipflops I've got would be fast enough for that, although there 
is propagation delay to consider unless I build a synchronous counter... 
Sticking to the MIDI note range, I'd only need to clock up to about 268kHz.

Now to drag out Lancaster's `CMOS cookbook` again and check up on my 



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