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On 1/10/11 3:16 PM, "David G. Dixon" <dixon at interchange.ubc.ca> wrote:

>> no offense but is there another synth or electronics repair list / forum
>> that ha more "applied" questions and support...seems like if you want to
>> discuss walsh functions and what it means to be "virtual analog" you get a
>> lot of repsonses but i hardly ever get any real anwsers to my "applied"
>> questions....maybe i am asking stupid questions?  please tell me if i am!
> I try to answer any questions where I think I have something intelligent to
> contribute (and sometimes even when I know I don't -- I've said some mighty
> stupid things on this list in the past!).  I think that if you're not
> getting responses to your questions, it is probably because no one knows the
> answer, and/or is unwilling to look foolish by giving the wrong answer.
>> seems like when i ask questions about a circuit and how to troubleshoot
>> its quiet but when ebay shill bidding comes up everyone and their cousin
>> chimes in!  LOL
> I don't actually own any real synthesizers myself (except a Korg MS2000B
> which I've never opened up and don't intend to), so I generally delete most
> "product-specific" posts without a second glance -- but that's just me.
> Now, if you want to discuss the merits of different VCO cores or filter
> topologies, I'm all over that (spewing out stupid answers with careless
> abandon).
> (And yes, that Ebay thread did get rather stale...)
>> Maybe I should "mask" my tech question in an OT posting....
>> Why is the sky blue, oh and btw does anyone explain to me the transistor
>> based voltage regulator circuit in the korg poly 800?  If a tree falls in
>> the woods.....
> ...does it generate a Walsh function?  ;^)
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Contact Paul Morte technical Services in Orange, Calif. 714-532-9540 and see
if he can help you out.

He is an old friend of mine and is extremely honest in business.

And NO MORE EBAY Shilling discussions please , I want to hear more about
Walsh functions, Shepard tones, etc.

Best regards,


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