[sdiy] New tune, "Groping for Security"

Bob Weigel sounddoctorin at imt.net
Mon Jan 10 08:43:37 CET 2011

thought some of you might enjoy this initial release.  I'd like to get a 
'real' guitarist on it when I get back.  Playing through my little home 
made champ output w/12" alnico into an old sure mic anyway... sounds 
from D4 Alesis drums, Siel DK80 synth bass, SCI Multi-trak lead sound, 
Prophet 600 transition weirdness, Wavestation brass and at the end the 
MKS70 SD patch 'dorchy brass'... and the Akai Ax60 with the sound after 
'does anyone do math here?' .lol.  Someone mentioned my 'mad math 
skills' the other day.   Oh and the 'radiation' ethereal effect is a 
stock K5000 Kawai patch.   I actually squeeked through with C's on 
everything but I get by :-).   God to sounddoctorin.com in the sdstudio 
link and 'song samples' ..... or just put this link in.


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