[sdiy] SDIY NAMM??

David Moylan dave at westphila.net
Sat Jan 8 08:24:18 CET 2011

Breakfast or dinner makes no difference to me, but Fridays some of us 
have to work for a living :)  Seriously, I'm not attending NAMM, but am 
close enough I would make it to Anaheim for an Evening or Saturday meetup.

Will stay tuned.

PS.  5U lives, Paul!  Just ordered another 24U cabinet from nice-racks. 
  It'll be half full on arrival.


Veronica Merryfield wrote:
> Thus far from the list, we have the following
> Name                    Times      Cell/etc      Breakfast Fri          
> Veronica Merryfield     Any	   250.730.3178  Ok
> Dan Snazelle            Evening                  Ok
> Grant MTG               Evening
> Barry Klein		Fri/Sat
> Jason Proctor		Sat        Moog or PPG shirt
> Terry Shultz            Fri/Sat    949.254.1159  Might be
> Bob Weigel/Paul Haugen  ??? (All?)
> Paul Schreiber		Fri morning              Ok
> Crystal                 may be depend on tickets.
> It seems that more would be available for an evening gathering, on Friday or Saturday, both having one who can;t make it, given the current statements.
> Veronica
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