[sdiy] SDIY NAMM??

Paul Schreiber synth1 at airmail.net
Sat Jan 8 05:51:44 CET 2011

People with booth duty all day:

a) leave show at 5PM
b) walk 30min to hotel
c) pass out until 7PM
d) get up and eat
e) go back hotel room, check email and go to bed

Paul S.
/ too old?

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> Thus far from the list, we have the following
> Name                    Times      Cell/etc      Breakfast Fri
> Veronica Merryfield     Any    250.730.3178  Ok
> Dan Snazelle            Evening                  Ok
> Grant MTG               Evening
> Barry Klein Fri/Sat
> Jason Proctor Sat        Moog or PPG shirt
> Terry Shultz            Fri/Sat    949.254.1159  Might be
> Bob Weigel/Paul Haugen  ??? (All?)
> Paul Schreiber Fri morning              Ok
> Crystal                 may be depend on tickets.
> It seems that more would be available for an evening gathering, on Friday 
> or Saturday, both having one who can;t make it, given the current 
> statements.
> Veronica
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