[sdiy] modular rack systems?

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I don't know how the mechanics of it would work out but if the captive nuts
had vertical play without the hassle of them falling through the captive
channel, then at least panels would install ok at one end.  Then it is a
question of how to accomodate the variety left on the other ends.  So you
are indicating that there really isn't vertical play in the nuts - only
horizontal play.


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If you are talking about the horizontal rails, they will allow movement only
the horizontal direction, they are pretty much fixed vertically.

You could cut the captive rail into pieces and treat it like a series of
nuts to allow off-center spacing. I have also seen rails that allow thin
or hexagonal nuts to be slid in the tracks (Sescom enclosures, for example).

I'm thinking of the type of rails used in eurorack, Vero, etc. If you're
about something else then I'm all wet :^)

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Please expand on the captive nut discussion - if one wants a rack system
that will handle all popular panel formats (irregardless of panel height)
what rack hardware is recommended?  Are you saying there is enough vertical
play with a captive nut vs captive nut track to succeed?  Are there
"gotchas" with some such horizontal rails where there is not enough vertical
nut play?
Maybe there is a faq on this subject somewhere?
Ideally I'd love to find a faq that describes this subject as well as power
requirements/buses/connectors/interconnect jack type for most formats... (or
it will be my next book perhaps...)


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On 2011-01-05 08:28 -0800, Barry Klein wrote:

> I'm confused... Recently there was this youtube
> video on the tiptopaudio rack system.  It looked like
> the rails were pre-tapped.  And yet rails are commonly
> available with channels for captive nuts.  Why would
> a pretapped solution be preferable?

It's not the rails that are tapped, it's a captive strip. Think
of it as a 84-uple captive nut.

Discrete captive nuts are useful when you have oddball panels
like those from Analogue Systems where the holes are k x .2"
from the edges instead of the standard .1" + k x 2". Otherwise,
tapped strips are so much better.

I think captive nuts are a relic from the times when factories
weren't tooled to produce tapped strips cheaply like they are
now. Just for fun, I'd like to see a _Comment c'est fait_/_How
it's made_ report on a Schroff factory...

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