[sdiy] DIY ManCave

Paul Maddox yo at VacoLoco.net
Sun Dec 25 09:31:06 CET 2011


my desk is a wide/deep shelf sitting on some wooden CD holders that I no longer use.
These make great "storage" holes for things like my DVM, cables and such. It's small enough that I have to keep it tidy to work on it, but big enough to work on.

keyboard rack is a traditional A frame at the end of the room. rack wise, everything sits in a flight case, all wired up and ready to roll at a moments notice.


On 25 Dec 2011, at 02:41, BARRY KLEIN wrote:

> I'm looking for suggestions for implementing my synth mancave....
> I'm finally getting a room for my own.  It will house my synths, my photo editing station, and an area where I want to do macro-photography.
> It may incorporate some or all of my electronics bench too but I'm not sure - I'm keeping that in the garage for now.
> Several years ago a local Sam Ash store went out of business and I bought a bunch of the slat-wall keyboard/shelf brackets.
> I don't have slat-wall though - I'd have to buy that.
> Now I'm wondering if I want to invest in this or sell the brackets and really minimize the keyboards on display that way and instead use traditional 3 tier or so racks or steel open racks to house them.
> I'm also looking for a work desk.  Mine now is a huge heavy oak desk that I'm not going to move upstairs.
> I know a 4'x8' folding table does many of you just fine but I'd like to hear suggestions for going forward.
> I saw a nice desk at Guitar Center for $300 with an optional rack sidecar thing....
> I have the tools to make my own from 3/4" or 1" plywood or whatever.
> Is there a forum which everyone has posted photos of their studio you may recommend?
> Presently my flooring is carpet.  I'm kinda liking the porcelain flooring that looks like wood.  My room is upstairs and they used crappy wood and it squeeks when you walk on it.
> I'm thinking maybe the porcelain would lessen that.
> Barry
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