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> AA,
>> How about Mac OSX support? My XP laptop is dead & my two Dells (XP SP2) have
>> been neglected. I have done zero experimentation with any processors for
>> synth-DIY or anything for that matter, but some day I want to. I may just
>> break down and buy a pawnshop laptop.
> you'll have to consider something like GCC then.
> The problem then is getting the JTAG programmer to work with OSX :(
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Hi Paul and all,

I will put this note out to get a real feeler on perspectives.

The Keil , IAR EWARM, Code Sourcery and CodeWarrior were Benchmarked using
CoreMark as the source of files to compare performance against.

These were only for the Cortex M4 level products as a target. Cortex M0 and
M3 are subsets of Cortex M4.

The Keil compiler put out the best optimised code, IAR was right behind
Keil, Code Sourcery was lesser in performance and Code Warrior trailing
behind Code Sourcery.

I cannot release actual numbers due to legal reasons but it tell me that if
I need performance which tools do what.

The CodeWarrior, IAR, Keil, and CodeSourcery all have step pricing
approaches to Cortex M series support.

The Free IAR and Keil are limited to 32K of memory, the Free CodeWarrior is
128 k of memory. Not sure off hand about CodeSourcery prices at present.

The Kinetis K Series of Cortex M4 is pretty inexpensive but you need to
decide if you want a QFP or MAPBGA based part.

I have some coupons that are good until year end for 50 % discount on a
K40/K60 system.

The Keil K60 Kit is $199.00 and comes with a U-Link-Me and Keil Compiler and
TWR-K60 kit.

The IAR TWR-K60 Kit is similar but has a EWARM Compiler and Segger tool for
JTAG for about $239.00.

I am planning to have some of these for the Raffle at SYNTH DIY 2012 event.

I can generate 30 to 45 day Key licenses for CodeWarrior for any version of
tool. Permanent keys are bit more complex to get for free. Still if you want
to build a project I am willing to provide keys to those who want to use a
Freescale Cortex M4.

I hope to get funding this year to build a MacOS X version of CodeWarrior to
support Apple MFI projects. Hang on as I will let all of you know when I get
this approved.

Yes, I am also a Mac User and Pc is a piece of sheiss!.

My apologies if you are a PC Lover.

I also support Linux based tools for the Linux flavor of Hacking.

Please look at http://www.Freescale.com/Kinetis for more details.

I try to support you guys and make as many concessions as possible to enable
you to at least get into the experimentation on ARM.

Last Synth DIY , I managed to provide quite a bit of ARM tools from many

Let me know your needs and I will try and evangelize within our Marketing
Group your needs.

Merry Christmas,

Terry Shultz
DSP and ARM Audio Applications & Technology
Freescale Inc.

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