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| Make sure you don't make the board too deep either. The shallow cases
| Doepfer sells will only allow a board length of about 2 1/2 inches (I
| can't seem to find this spec at Doepfer, so someone who owns a Doepfer
| case with the bus board installed will need to chime in here -
| actually, I'm doing an SMT layout of the Mankato so it will fit in
| Euro cases, so I'd be interested to know the max board depth too)
| http://www.doepfer.de/a100_man/a100m_e.htm

I have one homebrew module that is 5.5 inches deep, avoiding the bottom
1.5" (power busboard), the PCBs are horizontal, a stack of three, about
by 6.5". It is tight but do-able.
I would say you could use 4" deep modules anywhere and 5" deep if you
avoid the centre slots (clashing with the busboard supply spade
and possibly the little 5v regulator module if fitted).
[all measurements are front panel to back edge of PCB]

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