[sdiy] Realistic Stereo Reverb System Model No. 42-2108

Todd Sines sines_list at scale.gs
Sat Dec 17 01:57:37 CET 2011

Mind showing us or documenting your mods with... how-tos? Would love to tweak mine a bit as well. It just kind of sits there now.

Sorry I don't have a schematic. :P


On Dec 16, 2011, at 6:05 PM, aankrom wrote:

> Hi,
> The Realistic Stereo Reverb System Model No. 42-2108:
> Anyone ever crack one of these open? Or have a schematic? I have the little black 32-110 "reverb" with the sliders that I have heavily modified and use as an effect/instrument. Super fun for what it is and I managed to get one for cheap. I think my favorite mod was swapping in a BL3208A - makes it /almost/ like a tape echo machine. Still, I wanted another one and all I'm finding on eBay are the silver units that seem to have been designed for use with a stereo hi-fi (hee) system. So... back to my query... I need an end of semester eBay fix...
> AA
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