[sdiy] MIDI Sys Ex ID $$$?

Scott Gravenhorst music.maker at gte.net
Thu Apr 28 02:11:56 CEST 2011

"Speth, John" <John.Speth at coherent.com> wrote:
>> > In my case, I just picked 7F out of my rear, but I don't or haven't sold anything yet.
>> Well, 7F is for Real Time Universal System Exclusive Messages, so you
>> might have problems with anyone using MIDI Time Code, Show Control, etc.
>I don't think that your choice of 7F was random. I think I recall 
>that 7F was reserved for unassigned/hobby/whatever use before the 
>MMA started to cram in more functionality than what MIDI was 
>intended for. 

You're right, it wasn't random.  And I agree about the over-extension of MIDI.  I looked at the
list of assigned IDs and picked 7F because it wasn't assigned to a specific organization so I  knew
it wouldn't collide with stuff I already own (the list I read may have included what you said - but
I can't recall).  However, I didn't do complete research to discover what Neil posted about Real
Time Universal System Exclusive Messages - and honestly I wouldn't have cared since I don't do any
of that and at the time had no intention of selling anything.

>I too picked 7F with my MIDI designs but I don't sell too.

Heh, so more popular than I thought.

>My 2 cents: I love the idea where the user can pick the ID. That 
>would eliminate some compatibility problems for users that have 

Interesting perspective.  I wonder if there are possible legal complications?

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