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What is dragon's den?

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Have you tried Dragon's Den ?


On 19 Apr 2011, at 17:17, Justin Owen wrote:

> Hello,
> I hope nobody minds me posting this here.
> I'm looking for people who might be interested in collaborating with me on 
>designing, prototyping and building analog musical instruments, modules and 
> I've been doing this as a solo effort since 2008. My 1st Gen designs were on 
>homebrew PCBs built into homebrew cases. By 2nd Gen I'd outsourced the PCB and 
>case manufacture and by 3rd Gen (my first Eurorack module) I will have 
>outsourced assembly.
> I would now like to take things up another level. I have a backlog of 
>proof-of-concept prototypes and a pile of ideas - but to turn them into products 
>I need to get some good people involved.
> This is not a formal job offer and there aren't regular hours or pay. I'm 
>looking for people who are already secure in their own thing with a skill set 
>that compliments or betters my own and who are capable of taking on new projects 
>and working to agreed terms.
> Remuneration, at this stage, would be a negotiated royalty as a percentage of 
>profits - although I'm completely open to considering other realistic scenarios. 
>Realistic means I'm a solo operator in a niche market in a tough industry in 
>tough times.
> There isn't a specific job description but I know what skills I'm lacking and 
>my immediate priority is turning ideas into products: concept, design, 
>simulating, prototyping, troubleshooting, refining and building - or any 
>combination thereof.
> I'm based in London, UK but I'm well versed in working with clients and 
>suppliers all over the globe.
> Currently, my thing is analog, desktop hardware and modules.Size and 
>complexity-wise - that's anything between a Monotron and a Virus Desktop. My 
>current modular designs (and experience) are for the Eurorack format.
> I'm aware I'm casting a wide net. I have no idea how many or what type of 
>responses I will get so I make no promises other than I'm genuine.
> Interested in taking design ideas and helping turn them into prototypes?
> Got a prototype that you'd like to see turned into a product?
> Got a product that is no longer at market but still has some life in it?
> Consider what you're interested in, capable of, able to offer and what you want 
>in return for it then drop me an email off list to this address and we can have 
>a chat in confidence without obligation.
> Please feel free to pass this message on.
> Thanks.
> Justin Owen
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