[sdiy] Bach

David G. Dixon dixon at interchange.ubc.ca
Thu Apr 14 18:00:28 CEST 2011

> > Some Bach done on DIY synthesizers....  Guess which kind...  (c:
> > 
> > http://electro-music.com/forum/download.php?id=26092
> > 
> > -- ScottG
> OMG! We've gone full circle!!
> Nice work, Scott. This is done with your string model synth, 
> right? It has a karplus-strong plucked quality!
> Anywhich way, well done for getting it all to the final 
> polished stage at which it can produce music.

I was going to guess K-S as well.  Really nice, Scott.  You're putting the
rest of us (well, OK, maybe just me) to shame.

However, this does beg the question: Were Bach alive today, would he be
digital or analog?  ;^)  In fact, I often amuse myself by pondering which
musical genre/medium Bach would busy himself with were he alive today.  My
feeling is that he would be a jazz musician, probably recording on the ECM

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