[sdiy] State of the OTAs

karl dalen dalenkarl at yahoo.se
Tue Apr 12 14:11:54 CEST 2011

>Steve Lenham <steve at bendentech.co.uk>:
> If you are bugging THAT, I'd ask for a version of the
> THAT2162 (dual VCA with independent control pins) with a
> Proportional to Absolute Temperature output. They included a
> PTAT on their THAT4320 dynamic processor but AFAIK no other
> products, and it holds the key to easy expo VCOs, etc. (see
> CEM3340/3374, etc.). SO/DIL8 would probably mean shared
> control ports so no linearisation, etc.
> A wide-voltage-compliance current output would be useful
> too.

Would be nice with a wide compliance output but would instead
preferred temp multiplier on chip and a high impedance summing

However THAT dont do this uber fancy stuff, they are just barely
about to please the *pro* audio market who in general just adjust
amplitudes now and then.


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