[sdiy] Korg Poly61 a peculiar design!!

Paul Burns paul at fitvideo.co.uk
Fri Apr 8 00:42:37 CEST 2011

Ahh quite a bad one then ...

Like the idea of ali  balls...

More thought needed unless you can source some new contact strips ...

Service manual here ...probably the same as you have...





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The keyboard is in very bad condition...

1) the pcb 'carbon layer'  is  damaged  because the previous owner  used
'contacts' made with small alu paper balls placed between the rubber contact
and the pcb ... I think he had some cuts and trided to fix them this way .

I know how  to fix damages on carbon layers , i have a special varnish that
apply in very thin layer , then  i 'cook ' it many hours  under a heat
source (
a tiny halogen lamp placed a 1 or 2 cm of the area to dry ). I have a
warnish with liquid silver to fix copper pcb traces.

2)most of rubber stripes who go under  keys are tearing or fall in dust when
touch them . That's the worst thing ... I have tried to adapt some rubber
contacts cut into  a PC keyboards , but they do not really stay in place.

3) there is one or two missing keys, but it is not the worse as you can see.


Marc B.

Selon Paul Burns <paul at fitvideo.co.uk>:

> Is the keyboard totally dead , or just partially ? They can be resurrected
> with a bit of TLC...I have done so with a number and also rebuilt the
> damaged traces from the nicad corrosion ...
> Regards
> Paul
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