[sdiy] Starting with SMT hand-soldering

Barry Klein Barry.L.Klein at wdc.com
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I do rework of small external storage boards with smaller parts than
1206.  Get two irons with hot pencil tips plus one iron that is heavier duty
with a wide blade tip.  Get some liquid rosin and find someone that sells
seringes that can hold it.  Get smallest solder you can find.  Lead based
will work best but you may be forced to use leadfree.
Get a stereo microscope if you can.  Cheap crap one is probably fine.
No need to bother with parts glues or pastes.
Get some good fine point stainless steel non magnetic tweezers.
At this point it is just go ahead and solder the stuff.
You'll be amazed at the control you have while looking through
a microscope.  Use the rosin ahead of time on multipin chips
and the solder will just flow where it needs to go.  Then clean off
with a flux cleaner spray.


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Hey again,

I'd like to try my hand at laying out and hand-soldering an SMT board and
thought I'd stop in here to see what advice I could get from those that have
done it.

I figured I'd start with 1206 parts but I might get some 603 bits just to
check the form, I'll stick with my current iron until I know it's not
suitable but I might get a decent magnifying glass on a stand, I've checked
YouTube for a few tutorials...

...anything else? I'd be particularly interested in any advice with regards
to laying out the board - if there is any.

Ta much,


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