[sdiy] Circuit board posts/spacers?

Andre Majorel aym-htnys at teaser.fr
Wed Oct 13 17:38:10 CEST 2010

On 2010-10-13 08:08 -0700, Jim Coursey wrote:

> However, I have a few scavenged #4 standoffs which I thought might
> be 4-40 but recently bought 4-40 nuts that don't work.  The
> stand-offs appear to have more threads.  4-48?  Though for example,
> McMaster-Carr doesn't appear to sell those.  Maybe the standoffs I
> have are metric?

#4 is pretty close to M3. Both are used in PCs and people mix
them up. You know, the "don't force it, get a bigger hammer"
kind of people.

André Majorel http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/

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