[sdiy] favorite "magical" opamp?

Paul Schreiber synth1 at airmail.net
Wed Oct 6 23:48:55 CEST 2010

The best all-round op amp (both decent audio and CV specs) is probably the 

For strictly DC paths, the Linear Tech LT1013CN8 is hard to beat. It's not 
all that fast, if you want a good combination of fast and DC the AD712JN is 
a good choice. but bring money.

For now noise (at the expense of massive power consumption and really high 
input bias current) it is hard to beat the lowly NE5532. Note that you 
really can't use resistors over 2K to the input pins or you lose all the 
benefits (it was *specifically* designed for 600ohm microphone circuits). If 
you buy a $3000 Neve Portico product that is what you will see in there. 
They have a very distinctive "British EQ sound".

For the money, the TL072/TL074 is hard to beat. If I could only use *one* op 
amp this would be it.

The NJR4458 series also has a very distinct "high and brittle" sound if you 
like trebley stuff.

Paul S.

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