[sdiy] Front Panels for DIY

kinrat kinrat at dsl.pipex.com
Mon Oct 4 23:24:17 CEST 2010

Can I ask where you got your punch press and punch tools?
Looks a lot easier than drilling!


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I bring my PDF artworks (USB key)  to a specialized photocopy shop,
then they print them on auto-adhesive vinyl. This does a very nice job
but not scratch proof.. So the second step is to bring the 8.5" X 11"
to a laminating shop. 
(The places where they 'oven' transparent plastics
over big pictures then glue them on a wood frame.)
The idea is to just oven that transparent film over my
layout vinyls to make them scratch proof and that's it !
I just align the final artwork over my aluminum plates
and stick them over.
I punch all the holes and VOILÀ !
By the way I have some 'real' silkscreened modules
in my modular mixed with my own 'vinyled' front paneled
modules and you can't barely see the 'look' differences.  


 On Mon 04/10/10 10:49 , legion at helpwantedproductions.com sent:
> Very nice work!
> What kind of paper and printer do you use to make the sticker?
> D_
> > Just a bunch of pictures showing another
> way> to make front panels with professional
> look..> My dotcom synth front panels are laid out
> using> this technique.
> >
> > http://membre.oricom.ca/jpdesroc/projects/Modular/MIDI_Interfac
> e/Module%20pictures/>
> > J-Pierre
> >
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