[sdiy] Moog Taurus II tuning information

Tony Kalomiris ic1 at bell.net
Tue Jun 22 16:08:50 CEST 2010

Ok now that I have had time to think about it a bit and gathering some Taurus II service information the thing to do is use the first 18 keys on the Rogue to provide the voltages and tune it.
On the Rogue keyboard I use keys F to A #, the first 18 keys.
Makes sense now. Wow I should have insisted they supply the pedal board...oh well..

Still couldn't find the Taurus II service manual anywhere.


On 2010-06-22, at 4:23 AM, Tony Kalomiris wrote:

> Hi gang, just got a Rogue and the bass pedal version Taurus II to clean up and tune.
> The Rogue went swimmingly thanks to the service manual availability, but I didn't have the pedal board to tune the Taurus II synth..
> I unplugged the Rogue keyboard and plugged it into the TII, no problem as both use the same pinout.
> Where I think I 'messed' up is that I tuned it using the Rogue instructions which is for a keyboard starting at F and ending at C.
> I assumed, erroneously, that the pedal board started at F as well, so I tuned it the same way.
> I'm afraid once the pedal board is hooked up the pitch will be off (too high) now..
> I'd hate to start all over, did such a nice job :-.
> I am going to make a frequency and key voltage table later but was wondering if what I did was acceptable.
> Anybody got the Taurus service manual they wouldn't mind sharing, or a link to one ?
> Thanks
> Tony
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