[sdiy] Moog Taurus II tuning information

Tony Kalomiris ic1 at bell.net
Tue Jun 22 10:23:39 CEST 2010

Hi gang, just got a Rogue and the bass pedal version Taurus II to clean up and tune.
The Rogue went swimmingly thanks to the service manual availability, but I didn't have the pedal board to tune the Taurus II synth..
I unplugged the Rogue keyboard and plugged it into the TII, no problem as both use the same pinout.

Where I think I 'messed' up is that I tuned it using the Rogue instructions which is for a keyboard starting at F and ending at C.
I assumed, erroneously, that the pedal board started at F as well, so I tuned it the same way.
I'm afraid once the pedal board is hooked up the pitch will be off (too high) now..
I'd hate to start all over, did such a nice job :-.
I am going to make a frequency and key voltage table later but was wondering if what I did was acceptable.

Anybody got the Taurus service manual they wouldn't mind sharing, or a link to one ?



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