[sdiy] Korg 35 chip

JH. jhaible at debitel.net
Sun Jun 20 15:27:40 CEST 2010

Welcome back (from lurking mode), Scott!

No, I don't have serious plans to make a project like this in the near 
future. Still not sure if I can really manage my *current* "big" project, 
but working hard on it: http://www.jhaible.de/vocoder/living_vocoder.html


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>  I have the machinery, to do this; JH just send me a board profile 
> sometime. ;)
> --Crow (slowing returning from lurker mode)
> cheater cheater wrote:
>> Think you could pull off a pick n place manufacture on one of those? I
>> wonder what the costs are for a small company like you.
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