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> can this be used as a frequency counter?

Re the PDS5022S: Yes, there's 20 measurement functions - 4 of which can be displayed per channel at a time, 1 of which is a frequency counter.

At 20Hz it'll only read 20.00HZ, at 20KHz it'll read 20.00KHZ - so you won't be tuning VCO's with it.

Oh - one complaint that people had was the viewing angle. Yes, this is pretty bad. Thankfully, I've got it sitting right where I need it and it's so small/light - I can't see why you couldn't just pick it up and move it.



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>> Back in April I asked for a recommendation for a cheap digital  
>> storage oscilloscope. 
>> However, the other day I finally made a decision and bought a Owon  
>> PDS7102T scope for £470. 
> FWIW, I recently bought a PDS5022S which is the dual-trace 25MHz version with the slightly smaller, 256 col. screen as a step up from my old Gould dual 20.
> These are now on special at Rapid (for the same price I paid thankfully).
> I've only spent a few hours with it doing fairly basic readings - but, for the price and my needs - I'm impressed.
> The manual is much clearer than I'd feared and while it is made of plastic, it doesn't feel cheap. No - it's not as heavyweight as the Gould - but it's also about a quarter of the size.
> The LCD screen will take a little getting use to but it's clear and for all the measurements I have access to at the press of a button - it's a small trade-off.
> Most importantly - it feels reliable and does what it's asked.
>> I also decided not to get rid of my analogue Instek scope until  
>> I'm convinced I don't need it. We'll see.
> Ditto. The Gould is now back tucked into the part of the room where I solder serving as a good 'is this thing turned on?' reference.
> Cheers,
> Justin
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