[sdiy] Synthasystem update

David Ingebretsen dingebre at 3dphysics.net
Thu Jun 17 04:59:09 CEST 2010

Here's a bit of good news to anyone interested in the Steiner Synthasystem.
I've had a couple of long talks with Nyle and he said it would be fine to
share what I'm doing. He'd like as many people as want to build his designs
and enjoy them.

To that end, as I actually get PCBs and schematics that work, I'll post and
share as I can. If there is enough interest, I'll put together PCB, panel
buys, etc. Otherwise, I'll make the layouts and schematics available

Keep an eye on my blog over the next few weeks for updates, etc.

Thanks again to those who have given me some great help so far, you know who
you are :) So, to those who I swore to secrecy, you don't have to keep quiet

My blog and website:


I'm going to meet with Nyle next month (after I recover from a total knee
replacement on Monday) and he said he'd go over the schematics to make sure
I have the latest corrections and designs.

So, I guess it goes up a notch from here.


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