[sdiy] MIDI too fast?

Joel B onephatcat at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 16 19:59:37 CEST 2010

Hi Peter,

Any ideas if thus could be done with th 6809 in a matrix 1000? That  
machine suffers terribly from it's slow CPU.

On Jun 16, 2010, at 3:35 AM, Ullrich Peter <Peter.Ullrich at kapsch.net>  

> Hi!
>> Wonder if the cpu's on these old synths could be replaced with
>> something faster that has the same instruction set or over clock the
>> cpu, without screwing up the functionality... I would imagine it  
>> would
>> depend on how the coding was done, if the programmers used the CPU
>> speed to calculate timing that would probably mean you are stuck with
>> that CPU...
> Some of the older synth used the 8051 series microncontrollers.
> Especially these microcontrollers that are still alive have been
> Upgraded with faster cores and some of them should perform like the
> original part but faster execution times. So the peripheral parts  
> have to
> react the same (timers, uarts) but the execution can be optimized.
> With these new parts a software upgrade that adds some functionality
> Or improves the standard functionality or timing (f.e. midi latency)  
> would
> be possible.
> Some of the newer parts have different chip housings, so maybe adapter
> PCBs are necessary.
> Some of the improved 8051 series are/were from:
> Dallas(Maxim), Silicon Labs, Intel (80c251)
> But there were also some manufacturers that took the standard core and
> only made it faster. Years ago I got a sample of a 40MHz 8031 CPU  
> (normally 12MHz).
> The problem that time was to find an eprom that could deliver the  
> code in the short time...
> Nowadays the fast 8051 CPU that go even beyond 100MHz work with  
> integrated
> flash memory that has been optimized for the speed. So if you want  
> to use such a chip
> you have the remove or disable the eprom in the synth.
> Ciao
> Peter
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