[sdiy] Seq stop mid song, best silencing practice?

Colin f colin at colinfraser.com
Tue Jun 15 20:50:56 CEST 2010

> Another thing I'm playing with (and I apologize if this is 
> re-inventing the 80's -- I've been in suspended animation 
> since then)... You're playing a (polyphonic) sequence and 
> then stop it in the middle of the tune. What's the best way 
> to turn off the notes that were playing as the sequence was 
> interrupted?  
> 1) go through the list of notes on and turn them off. 
> 2) CC 123 (all notes off)?
> 3) FF reset.
> Again while playing with my JX I noticed that it supports (3) but not
> (2) so that tells me that (2) might not be that widely 
> implemented. (3) is a bit harsh so that tends to point toward 
> (1). You people that have been doing this a while concur?

1) is the bare minimum.
If you are already playing a note on a certain MIDI channel, what do you do
if another track wants to send the same note ?
Some synths will ignore duplicate notes on.
Some will allocate a second voice, doubling the note.
Some especially annoying 80's rack modules may even double the note on, but
ignore the subsequent second note off, leaving you with a hanging note.
If you want to cover all the bases, you need to track the state of every
note you send, so you can avoid sending duplicates.
That done, you can easily achieve #1 above.

Colin f

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