[sdiy] Does Source = Drain???

Ian Fritz ijfritz at comcast.net
Sun Jun 13 19:37:39 CEST 2010

At 03:59 AM 6/13/2010, Antti Huovilainen wrote:

>Are there some common MOSFETs that are truly symmetrical?
>Those would be useful as switches since they lack the parasitic diode of 

I looked for this a couple of years ago and didn't find anything.

My through-zero Saw VCO requires discharging both positive and negative 
ramps.  For this bipolar operation I use two MOSFETs in series so that only 
one protection diode is turned on at any time. This is the standard 
solution as far I have seen.  You increase the parasitic capacitances when 
you do this, but a small-signal MOSFET like the VN0106 has quite small 
capacitances and works well.


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